Video Pipe Inspection

Why is this Technology Better?

Our remote CCTV equipment enables us to travel-through your drainage lines to provide cost-efficient, high-resolution video and still photo images of your entire drainage system. This is the quickest and most cost-efficient method to diagnose blockages, pipe fractures, and assess the overall health and integrity of your system.

If your drainage system is performing sluggishly during rain events, our remote imaging system can detect blockages before they become full-blown emergencies — such as grease build-up, excessive paper, or debris aggregations. If the situation is already an emergency, ClearBrook’s technology is the fastest and most efficient means to diagnose and fix the problem.

ClearBrook’s state-of-the-art CCTV/sonar technology provides a close-up view of pipes from 2″–120″ inches in diameter. From our mobile response CCTV van, we can quickly deploy a “pipe rover” which travels up to 1,000 feet from the entry point providing high definition imagery all the way.

For pipes that are surcharged with excessive wastewater, ClearBrook uses high-tech sonar equipment mounted to a pontoon that will float in the pipe, scanning below the waterline to image the contents or the damage that is causing the obstruction. Clients receive a clear and easy-to-read diagnostic report which includes high-definition images and even a DVD of the travel-through video at their request.

Regular Preventative Maintenance Drain Cleaning Service for your pipe drainage system by ClearBrook will keep your system clear and worry-free, but in cases where an unexpected or stubborn problem persists, your best choice is ClearBrook’s Pipe Inspection service using remote video or sonar imaging technology.