Large Diameter Pipe Cleaning

Why Are Our Results Better?

ClearBrook utilizes specialized Jet-Vac equipment to remove large volumes of sediment from large diameter sanitary sewer lines. Our Jet-Vac equipment, combined with dual manifold technology, allows us to clean and dispose sand, dirt and solids from sewer lines that range from 24” to 120”.

ClearBrook’s ability to run 200+ GPM at 1,500-1,800 PSI ensures efficient and complete removal of debris.

ClearBrook’s CCTV or Sonar inspection and reporting capabilities are available to identify for pre and post cleaning conditions. This can provide the customer valuable insight to the scope of work and the assurance that the job is completed to the customer’s satisfaction.

200+ gallons per minute to liquify material
Hydraulic pump to remove sediments
Well-trained personnel