Grease Collection

Why Grease Trap Maintenance is Important

30-day, 60-day or 90-day service ensures that your Grease Trap is able to do its job of keeping grease and food out of the sewer and local treatment plant. Without maintenance, sewer lines clog with grease and cause backups that are very disruptive. Municipalities that require scheduled maintenance have found excellent results and less blockages.

We specialize in Quick-In & Quick-Out approach to service. Our drivers are supported with the best equipment and get the job done right. Thousands of satisfied foodservice customers rely on ClearBrook for a great service experience at the right price.


ClearBrook is a Licensed Hauler under the BIC program.

Before We Schedule Service

  • Free Site Visit & Consultation
  • Full Customer Site Assessment
  • Determine best access point for driver and hose/drum
  • Review Pricing and Service Frequency — then send a service agreement

Great Service — Every Time!

  • Uniformed, trained and courteous drivers and helpers
  • Superior Vacuum Equipment — for any size or location of Grease Trap
  • Waste Disposal Manifest Availability
  • Work Order — full documentation of service and follow-ups