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Beginning in the Fall of 2010, New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP), in conjunction with the Business Integrity Commission (BIC) has initiated a program to track who pumps Grease Trap Waste (Brown Grease) and Used Cooking Oil (Yellow Grease) and where it is taken for disposal.

The BIC has been involved in similar data tracking with the Solid Waste Haulers and now has added Liquid Waste Haulers to the required licensees to report who their customer are, what waste was picked up, the quantity of each type and where this waste was taken for disposal or Beneficial Reuse.

ClearBrook is a Licensed Hauler under the BIC program (license #1272). Our Waste Manifest Program makes it easy for us to provide the required data. When you choose ClearBrook as your service provider you will have the peace of mind that to focus on what you do best — bringing great food to your customers.
See a sample of the type of reporting to the BIC that ClearBrook will take care of on your behalf.

We make it easy! Sign up for service, provide your CAMIS # and we take care of the rest.

  • Dependable Service Schedule with great equipment to shorten service time on-site
  • All data documented on a ClearBrook Waste Manifest
  • Best value available for Preventive Maintenance, Sudden Service and industry experts
  • We report your commitment to have a service contract to BIC